Hero’s Journey




I have always been drawn to mythology, history, story and archetypes. Anything in that realm will always catch my attention. Some of my favorite reads on the subject are by Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, Christopher Vogler and Clarissa Estes. I love the personal interpretation each adds with their own insights and interpretation of what they imagine is at work behind the veil of story — of life, really. The more I learn about story and the hero’s journey in writing, the more I see it mirrored in my life. And that is ultimately why I think it endures and is so powerful.

As I progress on my own journey, time and again,  I find myself in need of a mentor/guide/supernatural aide to go any further. I have been fortunate to continue to find threads that lead me to the most amazing people.  It never ceases to amaze me as I discover a new artist, writer, teacher, book, music, all manner of things that end up offering direction, inspiration and encouragement. I hope one day the things I am working on can be that for someone else.


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