I live in Tennessee with my husband, children, dog and ferocious cat.

While I’m (at best) indifferent to the cat, being a mom is a paramount priority for me. It is also one of my greatest joys in life. So is being married. I love the happiness and contentment of our life at home. I love how we all endeavor to express ourselves creatively, and how we all support one another as we find our way.

As our kids are getting older, I am finding more time to devote to developing the craft of storytelling. I love the breadth of experiences we’ve shared — many of which manage to find their ways into my stories.

All writing is inevitably influenced by experience, and I’ve been fortunate enough to live a full range of adventures … from the rapturous to the dismal and even the mundane. But as a storyteller, I firmly believe you have to appreciate the entire spectrum of life’s twists and turns — not just the good stuff.

I know stories at their core are designed to entertain, but I also know what it is to read something that does a little more. I know the exultation that comes with finding a story that speaks to you — that book that finds its way to you at just the right moment and is just what you needed. It is my greatest aspiration as a writer to create such a tale. To bring into existence a story that might mean something to someone when they need it the most. I hope that one person might find my book speaks to them the way it speaks to me.


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